We can make a considerable step towards the goal of our existence – whether we picture it as perfection or freedom or lasting happiness or the fulfillment of our destiny – if we establish once and for all the right relationship to the physical body.

We must look upon it as an instrument to be used, an animal to be trained, a slave to be commanded and yet treated with due regard to its dignity and its rights.

If we have not already acquired this attitude, we need to exercise ourselves in it until it is established.

“This body is not ‘I’.”

“It is not myself.”

“It is a thing that will degenerate if not cared for.”

“It is an animal that will disobey if it not disciplined.”

“It is mine for a short time only and during this time, I must make the fullest use of it.”

“In all things, at all times, it must obey me. I can and will be its master.”

– J.G Bennett quotes.